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You bought a vacation home to have a welcoming summertime retreat. When you sit on your deck to relax, a patch of mildew on the siding or gutters full of debris are the last things you want to see. You’ll make a mental note, transfer it to a post-it, then put it off a week. No one looks forward to researching a trusted company to help either. If you’re planning on tackling the maintenance yourself, you’ve got to set aside an afternoon, rent equipment, and make sure you’re doing it properly.

By hiring a property manager for your second home, every maintenance and upkeep task is taken care of before you even arrive. With us on your side, there’s no mental or physical labor involved. You can take care of unwinding and we take care of the rest.

Consolidated billing

what's included?

Property Management Package

Yearly Inspections & Maintenance

to help your home retain its value

All of our clients start with a Yearly Inspection and the maintenance to get it up to date, ensuring every home system is performing up to our expectations. Service providers from our list of trusted sources are called to perform any needed upkeep.

  • HVAC
  • Hot water heater
  • Carpet and floor 
  • Appliance 
  • Home covering such as roof, exterior gutters, and windows
  • Day-to-day landscaping and sprinkler
  • Dock
  • Boat winterization/de-winterization

Monthly Inspections

for peace of mind

The monthly walk-through ensures that your home remains in tip-top shape while you’re away. You won’t sit up at night worrying…

  • Are landscapers coming as needed?
  • Is the home prepped for the upcoming change of seasons?
  • Does the home need to be cleaned or deodorized?
  • Have ants invaded your kitchen?


for the changing of seasons

Having your home shut down for winter ensures that it’s ready for the brutal Missouri winter. And getting it ready in the Spring means that it’s clean and in working order. Ready for you to enjoy, not troubleshoot issues.

  • Sprinkler and water shut off (if requested)
  •  Deep cleaning
  •  Boat and dock winterization
  • HVAC & fire prevention check

Emergency Visits

we're always on call

  If you have a second home, there’s usually a time when an emergency visit is needed. Whether you forgot something, or the weather is icy, we include 3 emergency checks per year. We’re your friend in town so you don’t have to drive. We’re always on call 

  • If the temperature drops below freezing for an extended period, we do a spot-check to make the weather hasn’t caused any damage. You can rest easy knowing that your HVAC system and water pipes are doing alright. We can also schedule snow removal.
  • Forget your wallet or phone on the nightstand? We’ll overnight it.
  • A neighbor called you to let you know they did damage to your lawn? We’ll take photos or meet your insurance agent to make sure everything gets put back in order.
  • If something goes awry on your visit, we’re a text or call away. We’ll get it taken care of ASAP so you can get back to summertime fun.


We customize plans to make sure that every aspect of your property is ready for your arrival.

Other benefits of working with us

Besides making sure you have a peaceful stay in your home, we aim to make every interaction a positive one. From our friendly support staff to consolidated billing, you’ll enjoy knowing we provide superior service.

Our monthly fee includes managing every service in your contract. We don’t take a percentage of paid invoices. This helps you maintain costs because we’re looking out solely for you.

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