Concierge Services

Imagine walking into your vacation home or rental and immediately relaxing. Pour a margarita and grab some guac and chips from the fridge. Put your feet up on the patio without spending an hour sweeping, setting up, and removing pollen from the chairs. Get in your boat, turn the key, and take off to your favorite restaurant.

Empty homes get dirty, food needs to be stocked, and boats require upkeep. It’s just part of having a second home. But when you use our concierge services, those tasks don’t belong to you anymore. Our job is to remove all the friction between you and your hard-earned vacation time. 

Time is our most valuable resource. Reclaim the hours you dread. Spend them teaching your daughter to wakeboard. Sing a few more songs at karaoke. Finish the book you brought. Notice the peaceful sunset in your fishing boat. Whatever you do, don’t spend your precious hours doing what we can do for you.

what's included?

Concierge Services

Weekender Package

so you can enjoy every moment

Our Weekender Package includes everything you need to walk in to your home and start living the deam.

  • Pre-arrival spot cleaning- If the home has sat empty for a few weeks, you’ll be thankful for the thorough cleaning before you arrive. No refrigerator surprises, no egg smell from the faucet. It’s a peaceful way to start your stay.
  • Grocery stocking- Simply order your groceries and beverages with the easy HyVee app. We’ll pick them up and put them away. Your favorite snacks will be waiting for you.
  • Home and dock setup- Whether you want your patio chairs set out, boat uncovered, or your favorite cocktail waiting for you, we’re here to help.
  • Post-trip cleanup- Leave your stuff in the boat, don’t lift a finger to wash your sheets, and don’t load the dishwasher. Once every ounce of fun is done, just get in the car and leave. It’s that simple.

Add Ons

for any situation

If our Weekender Package doesn’t cover all the bases, not to worry. Add any task that can help you enjoy your stay. Some clients choose:

  • Boat detailing, winterizing, and maintenance
  • Filling up all the boats and toys with gas
  • A pre-visit deep clean of their home
  • Purchase and delivery of items like skis, tubes or new tow ropes

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