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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve never worked with a property management company or concierge service, you may wonder how it can fit into your life. Rest assured, our easy New Client Onboarding Process and proactive communication will leave you wondering how you did all this without us.


How do you access my home while I'm away?

We keep a key or keycode on file, so we can access your home for planned inspections or an emergency. We can also arrange to be present during maintenance so you don’t have to give your key to professionals you haven’t built up trust with.

How does Property Management billing work?

As part of our New Client Onboarding Process, we assess the work you’ll need from outside professionals based on a number of things like home size and requested maintenance. We then collect a retainer fee, and bill against it monthly. You receive one bill for our services and any professional services we arrange. You’ll love having all of the invoices in one place.

What do you mean by "proactive communication"?

When we start out relationship, we’ll ask how you prefer to be contacted and any approved numbers on your account. You’re welcome to choose text, email, or phone calls. We stay in contact throughout the inspection, maintenance, or home setup process, sending photos and asking only necessary questions.

Do you collect a percentage of professional service costs that you schedule?

To help you keep costs low, our monthly Property Management fee covers arranging all services in your contract. Should you ever need to add a one-time service, we’ll happily arrange it with our trusted professionals and collect a 15% fee. 

Since we have pricing arrangements with many local providers, you often end up paying the same amount as if you scheduled it yourself. That’s a win/win!

How does Concierge Service billing work?

We start work on preparing your vacation experience once we’ve received upfront payment. If you approve any incidental costs after our initial agreement, we’ll send a bill over once we’re done. Again, all billing is consolidated so you can easily check costs and pay once.

Due to the way the HyVee app works, you’ll pay for your groceries at the time of order, inside the app.

Can I schedule Concierge Services for this weekend?

In order to provide our current clients with impeccable concierge service, we require a two week notice for new clients. Once you’re a regular client, we request that you let us know of your arrival by Monday. However, there are times we are able to offer rush service at an additional charge. Feel free to send us a message!

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